About us


Many say that the most precious thing in the world is diamonds. Some say it is the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone. Hedonists would say pleasure and desires and the destitute prefers food and shelter. I say none of the above. With the appearance of highly technical and complicated technology, the most important thing in our generation today is Information. Information surpasses any amount of gold or silver. With the proper information, you could create everything that you imagine. Thus, pieces of information shimmer the brightest above all other treasures.

AmericaTrace.com provides basic day to day useful tools to access information from public domain as a service. The site was started in 2012 to be a free resource on web to track American mobile numbers, ZIP codes, IP addresses etc. Currently the site has three services on offer. They are Phone/Mobile number trace, US Zip codes directory to reverse trace a zip code and IP address trace. All the services are free to use. If you find the site and services useful do share it with your friends. We plan to introduce many new trace tools and reverse tracing services very soon.


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