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You receive a telephone call on your mobile. Hmm, doesnít seem like a number you recognize. Youíve heard about phone call scams being on the loose, blank telephone calls from another country with garbage calls and charging absurd call rates. Or this number has been calling you for the past few days and hanging up. In such a case youíll want to find out who this person is and the location of the mobile no and caller name.

Mobile numbers in US and entire North America follow the North American Numbering Plan or NANP. As specified in the plan any number in US and Canada consists of ten digits including the area code. Area code is a three or four digit number which is same for all the numbers in the specific geographic area. This combined with the unique six or seven digit subscriber phone number form the complete ten digit phone or mobile number. In most of the countries outside the north America, mobile numbers start with some distinctive first digit for examples- mobile numbers in UK start with 7 or in India start with 7, 8 or 9; But in United states mobile numbers do not follow such pattern and are same as landline or wired phone numbers with a combination of area code and unique subscriber number. By looking at just the phone number it is almost impossible to tell if it were a mobile number or wired base phone number. This also helps in tracing a number to itís location and owner as just by looking at the number you can know of the area code and identify the geographic area to which the number belongs. By entering the phone or mobile number in the Mobile number tracker above you can know the details of mobile phone numberís location.

Unfortunately, on the Internet, youíll find limited help. Sites exist that tell you the name of the operator, the state the mobile is in and the type ( CDMA, GSM, etc). But due to privacy concerns, youíll not be able to find out the name of the person who owns the SIM card. If you do find a service that displays a name or address or any such precise information, steer clear of that, since they may be logging user's information without consent, which is against the law. Of course, telecommunications companies are required to divulge that information if a court orders them so, so another option for you could be to file a police complaint. However, if the problem is not serious, this is not a viable alternative.

Another scenario could be that you lost your mobile phone and are trying to find or block it. In such a case, the IMEI number of your phone could come in useful. This number is unique to each device and can be used by providers to track down the phone. Of course, youíll have to provide proof (like a purchase bill) to confirm that you own the phone. For this purpose, you should always know what the IMEI number of your phone is. You can find out either by dialing *#06# or looking at the packaging of the phone, which will have it printed. Often the invoice of the phone also holds this information.

Use Ameicatrace's Mobile number trace service to trace a number to it's location. The service provides details like the number origin place- town/city, state, country etc. The service tracks both fixed phone numbers and cell phone numbers. In order to use the number tracing service just enter the complete ten digit number you want to track or trace in the above box and press the submit button. The service is free and you do not need to pay or subscribe to in order to use the service. In case you are not able to find information about any number, kindly check after two weeks - as we update our database every two weeks. If you still face difficulty in finding information about any particular number you can fill the contact us page to request a specific American number trace. The tracing service also works for Canada mobile and fixed phone numbers.

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